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Cronache di un cuore dislessico

Every day I can see that I’m a part of you and you’re a part of me

As the sun came up over that eastern field today
 I could not help but think of you
 The feeling shoots through me like a bullet
 when I think of all the pain I put you through
 Every day I can see that I'm a part of you
 and you're a part of me

 It all used to make so much more sense
 and I'd have it all again if I could choose
 I've lost some things over the years
 but the memory I will not lose

 As the sun goes down over that western field
 I still can't help but think of you
 Wherever you are I hope your wounds have healed
 and you forgive me for the pain I put you through

 Everyday it tortures me
 I guess the apple fell too far from the tree



PS: Io coi musicisti HO CHIUSO

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